To Her Royal Highness Queen Candace:

Your majesty, I felt it fitting to provide you with a report of my recent expedition to Jerusalem. First may I thank you for your graciousness in allowing me the time to make such a visit and may I assure you that no harm befell our party and that during our visit we were able to renew several acquaintances and form some new ones that I believe will be beneficial to our kingdom.

However I feel it would only be proper for the bulk of my account to feature an narrative of a most strange and momentous event that occurred during my return to our country. You are of course familiar with the God of the Jews who prospered the past kings of Israel and Judah with great wisdom and might. You are aware too that that God had provided them with an extensive written record of both His laws but also of events that He was going to cause to transpire in the future.

As someone that accepts that the God of the Jews is the only true God I have made it my business to research these writings most extensively. They predict the coming of a great Messiah or savior. He is to be a man of might that would subdue all nations and rule us with a rod of iron. He was to bring in a period when the Jews were entirely pre-eminent and where we ourselves would be reduced to the level of vassals. His arrival was therefore expected to be very troubling to many nations including our own.

The Jewish scriptures also contain information about another character. He is pictured as a servant. One who does not shout or rebel. One in fact that offers Himself for punishment to take the punishment of others. He is one that is cruelly beaten and tortured and eventually put to death. I have never been able to see how this character fitted with the rest of the predictions and my associates amongst the Jewish Rabbis have never been able to assist me either.

I was pondering this very matter in my chariot on my way home when this man appeared from nowhere and ran up to me. He enquired as to whether I understood the passage I was considering. I pointed out that it was a very hard passage to understand given that none of my normal scriptural guides were able to assist. I invited the gentleman to join me so that we could consider the matter together.

The man, named Phillip, immediately acquiesced so I asked Him if He knew if the passage of the suffering servant referred to the prophet that wrote the passage or to some other man. Astonishingly Phillip did not just offer an opinion but claimed not just to know the answer to my question but to have met the servant that fulfilled it. More incredibly yet he stated that the servant that suffered so terribly taking the punishment that would normally be ours was the very same Messiah that one day will rule all nations.

The incredible news Your Majesty is that the Messiah of the Jews has already come. He was named Jesus of Nazareth and He walked on earth thirty years doing good and showing through miracles that He was the Messiah: but they crucified Him. This Messiah was not just a military leader however; He was the very God of Heaven but in human flesh choosing to die so that through His blood we could be reconciled to God. The best part is that this is not the end of the story. As He was God, death could not hold the Servant in the grave. Instead He rose from the dead and commissioned His band of followers to travel the World offering all people of all nations' reconciliation to Himself. Those that are reconciled to Him do not have to fear death themselves as they are also guaranteed a resurrection.

Naturally I enquired as to whether the Ethiopian people would be able to form an alliance with this Messiah. The answer unfortunately is no. He is not willing to accept an entire group of people based purely upon the word of one or two. However any individuals of our country that wish to believe in this Jesus of Nazereth are welcome to do so. It should be stressed that offering allegiance to God through Jesus does not in any way alter the individuals' loyalty to their own country. It does however give us assurance of sins forgiven and one day a home in heaven where the Messiah has set up His Kingdom. If Your Majesty or any of her subjects wishes to enquire further on this matter or if they wish to align themselves with this Jesus of Nazareth then I would be more than willing to assist.

Your Loyal Subject,

The Treasurer.

(Editors Note: Unlike the vast majority of the Biblical information on this website the above is deliberately fanciful - we have no reason whatsoever to believe a letter such as the above was actually written.)


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