Scripture Memory Drill

This program is designed to help you memorize Scripture. Enter the verse you wish to memorize below and the program will take you through a series of pages to help you remember the verse in question. If you wish to remember a collection of verses then enter the number in the box underneath and the program will test you on the whole passage. If you don't want to be tested on the punctuation the check the Ignore Punctuation box. If you don't want to be tested on capitals use the Ignore Capitalization box.

By default the program will blank out one word on each turn. This makes it fairly easy for anyone to remember a verse but it also means you have to type out the verse once for each word in the verse. If you think you are good at remembering verses and want to avoid a little typing then you can set 'Blanks per turn' to a number higher than one and that many words will be blanked out each time. This is particularly useful if you think you know the verse already.

If you want like your progress saved then please login first.

Verse to memorize:                Chapter:             Verse:       

Number of verses to memorize:               Ignore Punctuation             Ignore CapItalizAtion      Blanks per turn:               Version:       

On each page you will be presented with the verse again but with some of the words replaced with ???. You then need to type the verse in the text box at the bottom of the page replacing the ??? with the correct verse from memory. When you believe you have the full verse typed in press the Done button. On the next screen your previous attempt will be graded and then you will be presented with the next challenge.

Don't know what to memorize? Try these:


Psalms 119:11 Romans 3:10 Hebrews 13:8 John 8:58 Psalms 29:11 Philippians 4:13

Less Easy:

Colossians 3:16 Romans 6:23 Romans 3:23-24 Romans 5:7-8 John 1:1-3 John 17:5


Philippians 4:8 Romans 10:9-11 Philippians 2:5-11

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